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President Bush To Accept GOP Re-Nomination
At Republican Convention In New York Thursday

    CRAWFORD — Hometown boy President George W. Bush will be accepting his party’s renomination this Thursday night on primetime television surrounded by 4,853 delegates and alternates of the 2004 Republican National Convention being held this week for the first time ever in New York City, N.Y.
    To polish the president’s image and tout his record for a second term in the race against Democratic nominee Sen. John Kerry, the televised nighttime sessions will include a tightly scripted mix of political speeches, entertainment, and party business during the four-day convention at Madison Square Garden.
    According to organizers, the convention focuses on President Bush’s vision for “Fulfilling America’s Promise by Building a Safer World and a More Hopeful America.” The event pays tribute to the nation’s courage, hope, and compassion and herald the opportunities available in this country.

Crawford Football Stadium Has Changed its Turf

The local Crawford Stadium has recently undergone renovation. The most obvious change it has done is with its existing turf. They’ve opted for a more suitable and better type of natural grass. After extensive research and testing, it was unanimously decided by experts that Bermuda grass would be the all-new grass type suitable for the Crawford Football Stadium.

The Old Turf

The local Crawford Football Stadium was once covered with artificial turf. Even if the artificial turf was supposed to require less maintenance, it had its shortcomings, so it had to be replaced. Artificial turf caused injuries to players and did not offer the convenient bounce to the ball or to the players.

Benefits of Bermuda Grass

Bermuda grass is one of the most popular grass types for football grounds. This is mainly due to its cost effectiveness and its ability to quickly restore itself to its healthy condition. However, there are other features of this grass that make it the best and fittest grass type. The specialties of Bermuda grass are as follows:

  • Tt is a fast growing grass. Its rhizomes spread speedily and can cover the worn out and bare areas of the field in no time.
  • It survives better in warm seasons and requires lesser irrigation.
  • It is draught resistant. It maintains a nice green appearance and better playing surface in dry seasons.
  • It is disease resistant and insect resistant.
  • It is able to withstand heavy stress, so it will survive despite having stepped over by big athletes.
  • It has a good traction even when dormant.
  • Overseeding with perennial Ryegrass keeps it in good condition even when the field undergoes repair.
  • The flexibility of a Bermuda grass turf is unmatched.

Maintenance of the Bermuda Grass Turf

Maintaining a Bermuda grass turf is easy and inexpensive. Based on all the zero turn mower reviews, just a ride-on mower with installed apps can help with all types of maintenance chores. Ride-on mowers can cut the grass perfectly according to the desired length, remove leaves and weeds, and offer information on irrigation, fertilization and next mowing schedules.

New Furniture Store Soon to be Opened in Crawford

Crawford Furnishing will soon be opening its doors to give you the best selections of furniture and furnishings for your home—be it for the kitchen, the living room, the open patio, terrace or the garden. There will be a wide variety of exquisitely designed and well-priced pieces of furniture you can choose from.

John Yan, the half-Chinese owner of this Crawford Furnishing, used to be a salesperson in another leading furniture house. His knowledge about furniture designs and ergonomics was greatly enhanced during his working period there. He says that all his staff has good behaviour and friendly attitude.

“I believe that customer service is important. Good attitude is what will win customers in the end,” declares John Yan.

He built his own furniture shop after realizing that he can make a huge profit from something he loves doing most. So, he went back to his hometown, mapped his business plan, and started doing the necessary paperwork.

Crawford Furnishing will have a huge stock of every kind of article required by any home, whether it’s just a small family apartment or a spacious luxury villa. The store will have sofas, eight pieces and four pieces sectionals, beds and bed room sets, bars, curio cabinets, entertainment cabinets, tables and dining sets. However, the best items of the store will be its recliner chairs which come in various sizes, designs and colours. Some of these recliners will be self operated, power operated as well as lever operated and will be accompanied with cosy armrest and footrest. They will provide the user with endless possibilities of comfort and relaxation.

If you want to explore the shop, be sure to visit it on its grand opening on May 30, 2017.

Crawford Officials to Discuss the City’s Green Street Program

Crawford Town Hall is going to hold a meeting to discuss the Green Street Program, a cleanliness project proposed by an official not long ago.

The Green Street Program proposal is said to request every citizen in the city to clean the sidewalk or street near their houses. The city will still fund metro aids who will duly clean public streets at midnight. Moreover, citizens spotted to throw trash anywhere will be fined in the first and second offenses. However, when one is in his third offense, he will be required to join a discussion about environmental protection along with paying the fine.

There are more to the proposal than the community cleaning project, but details about it are still not revealed. Officials will finalize it during the meeting.

It is expected that all Crawford officials will attend the meeting. During the lunch break, they will enjoy a small barbeque party. There will be speeches and presentations followed by question sessions. Once the discussions and interactions are done, they will be served with sizzling smoky delicacies. As a reflection of the Green Street Program, only the best gas smoker will be used in cooking the food. Gas is known to have fewer carbon emissions compared to charcoal.

The party will be held for the officials to interact with each other and share opinions about the program and other issues.

The main cook for the said barbeque party has prepared the menu well to suit every official’s taste. There will be an arrangement for both kinds of food- vegetarian and non vegetarian. Corn, cabbage, potatoes with tomatoes and nuts will be in the vegetarian menu. It is expected that mouth watering soups, salads, sauces and salsa along with coffee cakes and chocolates will entice the vegetarians with their taste.

Sausages, salmon, lamb shoulder and brisket have been announced for non vegetarians. These will be cooked slowly in separate smokers with sprinkling of exotic spices and herbs. As smoking is a slow process and will certainly take a lot of time all the people in the meeting will have ample opportunity to interact and grow intimate.

After the short barbeque party, the meeting will resume. This time, the officials will be discussing more pressing issues. However, when asked, the town hall has not released any information about the said issues. They have, however, assured that they will release a statement in time.

An ‘Enterprising’ Situation

        As Uncle Hugh used to say, “I’d never have to lie if I knowd anything about statistics.”
    Alan Greenspan is an idiot.

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