Wednesday, August 04, 2004     Vol. 5  No. 31  

Controversial Moore Film Sparks Protests In Crawford
— Gadfly Filmmaker Breaks Promise, No-Shows —

    CRAWFORD — “Protest Season” opened in Crawford last Wednesday with the unveiling of the provocative documentary “Fahrenheit 9/11” to an estimated 2,000 spectators in the parking lot adjacent to Pirate Field.
    Sitting in front of an inflatable movie screen, a handful of locals identified themselves before the screening to the sound of applause; however, the vast majority of the crowd consisted of out-of-towners from across Texas and some from as far away as Europe.
    A half-mile away, the Amsler’s Building downtown was packed with President Bush’s supporters from all over the region. Afterward, several members of the group moseyed to the screening area, some to watch the movie while others to protest it.

Pro-Bushers Rally In Downtown Crawford

Crawford City Council Approves Purchase Of New Municipal Court Software System

Crawford ISD Board Of Trustees Approves Gym A/C Installation

My Opinion Stands

        About a month ago, I wrote an opinion piece about Michael Moore. I did not focus so much on his new movie as on comments from Moore himself. In the past few weeks, we have been flooded with letters to the editor, both pro and con.
    The most frequent criticism I received from the readers was that I was attacking the movie without having seen it. Most missed the point of the column — I was not attacking the movie so much as attacking Moore.


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